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World Book Day 2015

Published February 26, 2015 by Bookclub

We are getting excited about World Book Day, which is next Thursday, 5 March 2015.

The celebrations started early this week, when we joined 400 other local schoolchildren at Nottingham Playhouse, for “The Biggest Book Show on Earth on Tour” show, hosted by Steven Butler, author of “The Diary of Dennis the Menace”.

We were entertained by talks, jokes and illustrations from Steve Cole (“Magic Ink”), Jim Smith (“Barry Loser”), Lydia Monks (“Aaaaarrgghh Spider!”) and Jonathan Meres (“World of Norm”) and we each bought a signed book of our choice.

Now we are getting on with our planning for World Book Day next week, in our Library.

What are you doing for World Book Day?  Are you dressing up as your favourite character?  If so, who will you choose?
WBD Roadshow



“Stoneheart” by Charlie Fletcher

Published February 9, 2015 by Bookclub

Our book for the first part of the Spring Term was Charlie Fletcher’s “Stoneheart”, the story of how George accidentally plunges himself into an alternate reality of London, where all the statues come to life.  Assisted by Edie, the only other human who can see what is happening and “the Gunner” statue (see picture below) from the Royal Artillery War Memorial, George is soon fighting for his life and racing around London, trying to put right his mistake before it’s too late.

I loved the concept of this story and the fact that all the statues mentioned in the book are real – I spent a bit of time online, looking them all up. I liked the characters of George and Edie, both of whom are lonely and suffering a loss, but who learn to trust each other.

I did find the fast pace distracted from the tension a bit and there were some unresolved mysteries, although I expect these will be explained during the course of the next 2 books in this series.

However, most of our book group felt unable to finish “Stoneheart” because it was too frightening!  This was mainly because the statues were all immediately coming to life and many of them were intent on harming George and Edie.  The fact that the pair were surrounded by crowds of normal people, none of whom could see what was going on and were therefore unable to help, added to the fear factor and several of our group began to have nightmares!