Book Review: Little Stars

Published September 26, 2016 by Acro_Panda


Little Stars” is a fascinating book written by Jacqueline Wilson.  It is part of a series which starts from “Hetty Feather” and explains the story of her life as she becomes famous at the music hall with her sister, Diamond.  Diamond is a young, child acrobat and participates in their act called ‘The Little Stars’.  Hetty encourages her to perform well, however sometimes Bertie, (Hetty’s sweetheart) is adored by Diamond. When they are banned from the music hall, they are forced to leave Bertie and their new friends.  However, they join an acting company which inspires them to perform with more confidence.

Meanwhile, Bertie leaves the music hall to join Hetty and Diamond, not knowing what has happened.  A dear friend from the last book comes to visit, although she has to bring bad news.  Will they live a normal life after this?  I would rate this book 10 out of 10 because of its tension and excitement during the book. I would recommend this to someone who has read all 4 books, because it will be easier to understand.  The first book in the series is “Hetty Feather”, then “Diamond”, (a story from her point of view). And then “Sapphire Battersea”, Hetty’s real name. Second to last is “Emerald Star”, (Hetty’s show name). And then one of the best books, “Little Stars!”







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