Radio Boy

Published June 5, 2018 by Narisse

Radio Boy is an adventure set in a shed!


Read how a boy defies his bullying headmaster and creates a secret radio station in his shed!  Will his identity be found and can he keep the secret from his mum?

This is a great book for readers 9-10 and especially to radio listeners!

Murder Most Unladylike

Published April 16, 2018 by Jaia

“Murder Most Unladylike”, by Robin Stevens, is one of my favourite books to date, as it has many different views and little puzzles for you to solve here and there.  It is based in the 1920s and 1930s, and follows 2 best friends as they discover their hated science teacher dead in the gym hall.

It is amazing and with the 6 book long series and a much-anticipated activity book, this can easily be the next best read for you. Enjoy!!!     

Running on the Roof of the World

Published March 22, 2018 by Narisse

“Running on the Roof of the World” by Jess Butterworth

“Running on the Roof of the World” is a thrilling read.  Follow Tash and Sam as they hurry to find Tash’s parents who have been taken by the soldiers.  They journey across the Himalayan mountains to rescue them but will they reach them in time? And will the Dalai Lama help them?

I would thoroughly recommend this book to fans of adventure and mystery.

Oh and did I mention, they have a pet yak!  




Thunder Struck

Published March 21, 2018 by Maisy

Hello everybody, Book Club would like to share with you a book by Ali Sparkes, called “Thunder Struck”!

This booktastic book is about a girl called Alisha and a boy called Theo – unlucky for them, today is Sports Day and they have to take part in it.  But when they suddenly escape from Sports Day and run up a high hill, lightning strikes and they are rushed to hospital for help.

After they are checked over they see things and people that aren’t normal, not normal at all!!

Book Club is recommending this book, so go and READ IT!!!!

We hope you enjoy it.



Published July 10, 2017 by Bookclub

We finished our Book Club meetings for the year, once again with a leaving party.

We all gave some seriously cheesy leaving speeches…


We played games, including Book Charades – some of the acting got a bit dramatic!


We voted for our favourite group read of the year – our winner was “Edge of Extinction”, by Laura Martin.  Definitely recommended and look out for the sequel, too!


We weren’t always entirely serious…


You’ve been a great team, girls.  Have a great summer and all the best for Year 7!

Mrs Carlyon

Edge of Extinction by Laura Martin

Published May 23, 2017 by Ilovebooks123

Edge of Extinction is a book that is full of adventure and excitement. It demonstrates Resilience, Empathy, Creativity, Initiative, Positivity and Excellence- all of the RECIPE values.

In this story, Dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction, but have managed to take over the world and driven the only humans underground, or have they? Sky Mundy is determined to find out about her father,who escaped, even after several failed attempts. She and her friend Shawn escape the Noah’s reign and set off topside to find him. They meet helpful friends on the journey and learn how to live topside, but will Sky find her father, or will the Noah get there first?…

I personally really enjoyed this book because it was detailed and adventurous. If you want to find out what happened at the end, be sure to read the sequel-out on Amazon now!

Creativity is anything anyone can achieve in life.

Published March 15, 2017 by Cupcake Cure

Hey there,

Today, this blog is all about CREATIVITY !

So many books show Creativity, here are a few examples.

. Percy shows creativity in his ideas to get to his mother desperately.

.  Although Harry was thought to be in danger from Sirius Black, he was creative in his plans to survive. This is astounding.

.  This wordless picture book is creative in the way it invites readers to explore a strange new world in the company of a migrant who must leave his family and everything he’s ever known to make the long and difficult journey to another land.

You might have noticed that I haven’t written the name of the book, I did it deliberately. I want you to write the name of all the books you think I was describing in the comment section.


Moving on the the main thing, what is CREATIVITY ? I wonder. Look below to find out!

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Using your imagination is critical in some ways as you need to explore new things in life.


Thankyou very much for reading my blog and I hpe this blog inspires you to be CREATIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!